Candidate Experience Crisis: How to Avoid Losing Top Talent

Candidate Experience Crisis: How to Avoid Losing Top Talent -Expert Staffing

When you’re looking for the best candidates to work at your company, it’s crucial that you make the candidate experience a top priority. There are several touch points in the candidate experience, and each of them plays an important role in both your decision-making process and theirs. 

Considering best practices throughout the candidate experience can help you retain the top talent you’re searching for, which may lead to the company meeting larger goals.

Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience 

Streamline the Application Process

An over-complicated application process will deter candidates from applying for a job, even if it’s a fantastic fit for their career. Intuitive application forms, one-click applications, letting applicants upload their resumes, and even allowing candidates to apply through social media profiles are just a few ways that make the application process simpler and more inviting

Communicate with Transparency

Open and honest communication is the foundation of a smooth candidate experience. Few aspects of the candidate’s journey are more frustrating than when they’re trying to communicate or get feedback only to be ignored. Clear and timely communication throughout the hiring process keeps a candidate engaged. Even if you decide to go with someone else, be prompt with your communication and offer constructive feedback so they can move on with confidence towards another opportunity.

Create a Positive Interview Process

Whether you conduct your interviews remotely or in person, everyone who participates in the interview should be punctual and professional. Be sure that your team is prepared for each candidate and respectful of the experience they bring to the table. When candidates feel valued in the interview process, they are able to picture themselves adding more value to the company upon being hired. Instead, if they feel as though their interview is an insignificant task for an interviewer’s day, they will not feel as motivated or confident regarding their future at the company. 

Utilize Assessments

One recruitment tool that is growing in popularity is skills assessments. These can be interactive and engaging so candidates can showcase their proficiencies in the relevant skills needed for any position. These can provide a dynamic experience that adds value for everyone.

Make Timely Decisions

Nothing kills the excitement of a new opportunity than a super slow decision-making process. Streamline the internal decision-making process so candidates don’t have to experience prolonged waiting periods. Set clear timelines and ensure timely updates throughout the process. Even if you decide against hiring a particular candidate, provide prompt feedback. Again, this demonstrates your respect and consideration for their time and effort invested in your company.

Onboard with a Purpose

Finally, you need to consider how your onboarding process affects the candidate experience. Upon hiring for your position your focus must quickly turn to a supportive and thorough training process. Assign a mentor or buddy to help them navigate their first few days. This can foster a sense of community from the get-go as they review training materials, office procedures and other protocols. An effective onboarding process sets the tone for long-term success and retention. If you haven’t considered what your onboarding process entails in a while, it may be time to revisit it and think about it in a new way. 

Find Top Talent to Help Your Company Thrive

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