Does Resume Design Really Matter?

Does Resume Design Really Matter? | Expert Staffing

”There used to be a time when applicants tried to stand out from the candidate pool by using cool designs for their resumes, full of personality and quirky layouts. Well, if you don’t feel like you have that creative gene, don’t worry. Those fancy designs and layouts can actually hinder the chance a recruiter will… Read More »

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency | Expert Staffing

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter to find a job, you may be weary thanks to rumors and myths that easily spread. While uncommon events may indeed happen, it’s important to recognize that those are exceptions and not the rule. When you trust the recruiting process and relationship, you will find that working with… Read More »

Still Looking For Work? Here Is Why You Should Consider a Temp or Contract Job

Still Looking For Work? Here Is Why You Should Consider a Temp or Contract Job | Expert Staffing

Temporary jobs are an effective and popular option for both employers and prospective workers. Temp work is a great way to bridge the gap between full-time positions and it’s also a way to test-drive a company before being fully committed to a job. Every job offer is exciting, including a temp position. Temporary jobs can… Read More »

Delete the (Dating) Apps: How To Get Back Out In The (Job) Pool

Delete the (Dating) Apps: How To Get Back Out In The (Job) Pool | Expert Staffing

Unfortunately, despite advances in job search platforms and methods, finding the right job can still take a long time. The process can be exhausting, unmotivating, and can cause extra stress and uncertainty. This can lead many job seekers to feel as though they need a job search reboot.  Do You Need a Job Search Reboot?… Read More »

Ways To Get A Job Without A Resume

Ways To Get A Job Without A Resume | Expert Staffing

While a resume is one of the most common requirements for finding a job, it’s not always necessary. This can be extremely helpful if you have a lot to update on your resume, or if you’ve never written one before. How to Get a Job Without a Resume Believe it or not, there are a… Read More »

How Having a Daily Routine Can Help With Your Stress, Health, and Sleep

A daily routine may seem restricting to some people, as if there’s not enough freedom for spontaneity. However, not having a daily routine can negatively impact your health, stress levels, and even nutrition. Health Implications Without a Daily Routine There are several areas of your health and wellness that are affected by whether or not… Read More »

5 Pros of Working In A Warehouse

If you’re looking for a new job, or even a new career path, working in a warehouse can be an excellent choice with several benefits. There are so many different types of warehouses, filled with different products that you can find work in one that may interest you, even more, to add more excitement to… Read More »

Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Finding Happiness

A shift in careers is known to be one of the most stressful situations you can endure in your life. Whoah! This even applies to when you willfully make the change. So it’s no surprise that your natural instinct of fear may be the only thing holding you back from a job switch. On the… Read More »

Having a Bad Week? Here are Some Tips to Get in a Better Head Space

As much as we would like to leave our personal life outside the office, it doesn’t always happen. Triggers from your personal life, or even issues going on in the office can affect your head space.  We all know the best workers are those that have a more positive frame of mind. They’re more productive… Read More »

5 Daily Habits that Will Make Your Days Feel More Productive

These days, nearly everyone you’ll meet will say they’re busier than ever. No matter what it is that contributes to your packed day; each person has the same 24 hours in a day. What does matter is how you utilize those hours.  It’s a good idea to periodically reflect on how you spend your time… Read More »