HR Metrics: What to Measure and How to Interpret the Data

HR Metrics: What to Measure and How to Interpret the Data - Expert Staffing

The most effective human resources teams know how to collect and interpret data to improve hiring and management processes. After a few roller-coaster years for hiring and management (the Great Resignation, remote or in-person work battles, and quiet quitting, to name a few), the importance of metrics couldn’t be higher. What are HR Metrics? Human… Read More »

Workplace Wellness: Strategies for Encouraging Healthy Habits

Workplace Wellness: Strategies for Encouraging Healthy Habits - Expert Staffing

Workers today feel quite a lot of stress and pressure. A more technologically advanced work environment often means employees feel obligated to do more work. Plus, with so much at their fingertips, personal downtime is often spent consuming more information, limiting employees’ time to relax or focus on wellness. In addition to a more demanding… Read More »

Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees

Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees - Expert Staffing

Showing appreciation for your employees is one of the best ways to motivate them and help them feel valued. Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, but unfortunately, many employees feel that their managers don’t express their appreciation enough.  How to Recognize Employees and Reduce Turnover The Consequences of Not Expressing Appreciation When… Read More »

How To Support Your Team With Burnout

How to Support Your Team with Burnout - Expert Staffing

No matter what industry you work in, burnout does not discriminate. Most workers have felt burnout at least once in their careers, and many experience it more than once. When an employee experiences burnout, it can take a considerable toll on their personal and professional lives. What Is Burnout and What Can Be Done To… Read More »

Why Managers Also Need Feedback

Why Managers Also Need Feedback | Expert Staffing

As a manager, you understand that your employees need constructive feedback for professional growth, confidence, and overall satisfaction at their jobs. Performance reviews and other one-on-one meetings are perfect opportunities to give your employees feedback.  On the other hand, managers can become better with feedback from their team members as well. The truth is that… Read More »

5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team

5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team | Expert Staffing

The New Year brings a nice “reset button” for many people. Whether they are refocusing on healthy habits, feeling rejuvenated in their professional aspirations, or making goals for better financial freedom, New Year’s resolutions tend to play an important role for many.  As people from all ranks may set resolutions and goals for the new… Read More »

Save Money (and time) by Promoting From Within

Save Money (and time) by promoting within | Expert Staffing

The benefits of promoting within your company are a popular topic today, even more so than in previous years. It’s true, you can find candidates from outside your company who are qualified and could be a great fit. However, there are compelling reasons why you should encourage promotions within the company instead.  4 Reasons to… Read More »

4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders

4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders | Expert Staffing

Whether you’re just beginning your stint as a manager or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s important to understand how to rise above the title of a manager and embody the traits that can make you an inspirational leader. How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader? What a Leader Does First If you’re… Read More »

Effective Communication Techniques for Managers

Effective Communication Techniques for Managers | Expert Staffing

Effective communication is a healthy foundation for any successful business. As a manager, creating and fostering effective communication throughout your team starts with you. To be sure your communication is setting a high standard, consider these tips. 13 Ways to Create Effective Communication with Your Employees Following these suggestions for better communication can help you… Read More »

Interviewing for Soft Skills

Interviewing for Soft Skills | Expert Staffing

If you’re in a position to hire workers for your team, you have an important responsibility. What happens when you are interviewing for an open position, and you have a few candidates who seem like they are both very qualified in their skills and experience? Soft skills are often what will set one candidate apart… Read More »