Why Traditional Hiring is Facing a Makeover in 2024

Why Traditional Hiring is Facing a Makeover in 2024 - Expert Staffing

Embarking on a new year brings a lot of opportunities for managers to reassess or revamp how things are done in the workplace. Recruitment and hiring processes are no different. In fact, with so many advances and developments in this arena, you’ll definitely want to consider some of the trends for 2024 to see if they make sense for your company.

Recruiting & Hiring Trends in 2024

Proactive Candidate Engagement

What used to be reserved for C-level recruiting is now becoming for all levels, including entry level positions. Recruiters are finding value in engaging with passive candidates to help them bring in top talent to the recruitment funnel. 

Employer-Employee Driven Market

While many companies might still be feeling the pangs of the Great Resignation, they can also add inflation to their woes. However, inflation is affecting candidates as well, and this is curbing some of the boldness employees felt a few years ago; it is also causing a shift in dynamics.

This shift is actually a positive development, encouraging employers to forge better relationships with their employees. Employers benefit from greater employee retention, meaning they are more concerned with employee satisfaction and growth. Employees also understand the pressures of an uncertain economy and are valuing the safety of a job. 

Preparing the Workforce for Generative AI and Automation

Of course, AI has made a splash in 2023. While it’s been around for a few years, it really started taking shape in the past year, and more companies are beginning to accept the fact that AI can truly be a part of the workplace.

With this technological development, comes the promise that it won’t be slowing down any time soon. As companies begin to see the potential of AI, many of them also understand that in the coming years, their employees will need to learn skills to adapt to the technology. Since most of these advancements do not mean employees will be replaced, there is a large opportunity (and necessity) to train employees. With proper training,  they can make the most of the tech advancements and enhance all of the possibilities. 

Recruiters Will Be Seen as Strategic Leaders

With the many changes expected to happen in 2024, plus the uncertainty of the economy, recruiters will be seen as strategic leaders who can help companies find the best talent solutions. From thinking creatively to staffing needs to finding the best candidates in a competitive market, quality recruiting matters and can make a significant difference for companies. 

It’s important to note that even while some recruiting tasks can be automated with software and AI, strategic partnerships add a lot of value. Recruiters will help companies make the most of data analytics, as well as anticipate hiring needs and notice opportunities. With this type of strategic partnership, companies will have greater confidence in welcoming the changes and challenges that come throughout the year 2024.

Find Out How You Can Make the Most of Your Hiring in 2024

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