2024 Talent Acquisition Predictions

2024 Talent Aquisition Predictions - Expert Staffing

Recruitment has changed drastically over the last several years. While we can only imagine what it will be like years down the road, there are some safe predictions for the year ahead. 

Predictions to Find, Keep, and Lead Talent at Your Company in 2024

Workforce Planning

For a productive approach to recruiting and hiring, workforce planning is a proactive approach to determining a company’s hiring needs. This can be especially helpful for companies that have busy seasons and have transitory needs.

Workforce planning software is extremely helpful for HR professionals. As information on skills and positions is logged, the software can show trends for hiring needs, which employees may need more training before receiving a promotion, as well as where there may be a gap in adequate skills to stay productive and meet company goals.

AI to Lead the Way

As you’re already aware, artificial intelligence is becoming quite integrated into the recruiting and hiring processes. From automation and simplifying tasks to employee training and development, there are so many possibilities for companies to use AI. While there are a lot of benefits to using artificial intelligence for recruitment and onboarding, a human touch is still incredibly important. Artificial intelligence is an exciting development, but it takes time to figure out how to use it in the most effective ways. By starting off slowly, you can help get a better feel for how AI can truly add value to your recruitment and training operations.

Gamification as Motivation

No, you’re not handing out game consoles to your employees. Instead, companies are using points and leaderboards to motivate their employees and improve their performance. Employee recognition programs or employee retention programs are often common areas to reward employees on a point system that can be redeemed through an internal marketplace, or even gift cards.

Augmented Reality

Another huge development in technology that can be extremely helpful to HR professionals is augmented reality. While it might make you think of huge goggles and clumsy interaction, when used in the workplace, it can be very effective. Instead of clumsy movements and interaction with a fantasy world, augmented reality in the workforce can be used to train employees. Whether it’s in a physical classroom or a virtual classroom, AR can be used in the onboarding process, for employee development, or for closing a skills gap

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

One of the greatest developments leading into 2024 is the prevalence of a multigenerational workforce. With employees choosing to work longer into retirement and then Gen Z entering the workforce, managers will have to learn to lead and motivate people with very different approaches and viewpoints. 

While each generation has a different work style, like group vs independent, it’s important to be sure to facilitate connections between workers of all generations to form a more cohesive work environment. Other developments that were discussed earlier can help keep track of these efforts as well. 

Make the Most of the Trends in Hiring

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