Essential Education and Skills for Light Industrial Candidates

Essential Education and Skills for Light Industrial Candidates - Expert Staffing

Finding the right workers to add to your team can be a challenge. Sifting through applications can be exhausting as well as time-consuming. Having a job description with specific skills and experience requirements is not only important for attracting the right candidates, but it can also be helpful in reminding you which skills are best for your open positions. 

In addition to working off of a job description, having a set of skills that are must-haves can be a helpful list during your recruiting and screening process.

5 Essential Skills for Light Industrial Candidates


A light industrial company is only successful when they can stay on track in their production goals. Workers must be dependable and understand that their efforts matter. If an employee has a tendency to be late or skip shifts (with reasons or not), they may not be the right fit for light industrial work. If a worker needs a bit of grace on the unusual occurrence, they should be quick to send a manager a note about their delay so it can be easier for the team to adjust.


During any given shift, light industrial workers need to be able to adapt to the needs of the company and deadlines. A worker should be able to shift between different tasks with ease and a positive attitude. If they are energized by the requirement to adapt, that’s even better. It’s also more helpful if workers have a variety of certifications, licenses or experience like forklift operations, mechanic aptitude, and technological capabilities.


Not all days will go according to plan. When problems arise throughout the day, workers who are able to adapt and solve problems will be of great value. From resolving arguments, to overcoming a schedule conflict, to helping fix a broken piece of equipment, there are a variety of problems that may develop. A light industrial worker who has a skill of problem-solving won’t shy away from problems, but will rise to the challenge with a positive attitude.


A light manufacturing company cannot run without a team.  Everyone plays an important role to help the company run smoothly and be productive. In addition to their specific tasks, a light manufacturing worker must be able to work well with others in that team environment. When there’s discord or someone doesn’t care about the team’s success, it can cause a lot of issues for workers and the overall productivity of the company.


Most light industrial companies have busy work environments. If it lacks organization it can quickly become a chaotic and unsafe environment. Look for workers who are able to stay focused and organized so they can keep track of tasks even with lots of other things going on around them. In line with organization, look for workers who are able to be detail-oriented so they’ll be able to catch any mistakes.

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