10 Warehouse Certifications To Advance Your Career

10 Warehouse Certifications to Advance Your Career - Expert Staffing

Pursuing a job in a warehouse can be a secure starting point that may also lead to a promising career – even in volatile economic times. Whether you are just beginning to consider a job in a warehouse or are already enjoying your work in one, certifications can help you determine a clear path to advancement. 

Earning certifications can help you increase your skill set and make you a more valuable asset to your managers and the company. Additional certificates can even help you get a raise or a higher-paying position. 

Learn Which Warehouse Certifications Can Benefit Your Career

These ten certifications can help you pursue a promising and profitable career path. 

Certified Logistics Associate/Warehouse Distribution 

This certification comes from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It will prepare warehouse workers for various frontline material handling positions in warehouses, factories, supply chain facilities, distribution centers, and transportation depots. These roles include freight stockers, forklift operators, logistics specialists, and traffic clerks.

Obtaining this certification will help you understand security issues in logistical operations and prepare you for logistics careers. Those interested must have a high-school diploma or GED, and you must be 18 years or older.

Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) provides this certification, which is geared toward emerging professionals in the logistics and warehousing industry. This certification includes educational courses about warehouse operations, economic impacts, safety, and risks, as well as technological and operational solutions for an efficient facility.

One year of experience in the warehousing or logistics industry is required to begin this certification program. Upon certification, you will have access to job vacancy postings and the opportunity for continuing education (a requirement to maintain this certification).

Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehouse Management

Offered by the American Purchasing Society, this certification can benefit those working in warehousing, logistics, and distribution.

A minimum of a high school diploma, two years of post-high school education, and two years of work experience are required to begin this certification. Upon completion, with a passing grade of 75%, you will need to recertify every five years by taking continuing education and passing another exam.

Forklift Certification

One of the most common warehouse certifications comes from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which prepares warehouse workers to operate forklifts, reduce the risk of injuries and maintain this critical piece of equipment. 

This is a quick certification – only one or two days – but it must be retaken if you are involved in a forklift accident, change your place of employment, or receive a poor evaluation.

Lean Six Sigma Certification in Warehousing

The Six Sigma Certification in Warehousing aims to help warehouse workers to identify problems, minimize errors and solve issues promptly. It is based on statistical tools and can be a very relevant certification for those aspiring to be in a management role. 

Certified Network Computer Technician

ETA International offers this certification to students to learn the basic concepts of computer electronics and networking. As warehouses are becoming more technologically advanced, this is a vital certification to demonstrate your understanding of how software systems aid daily productivity and overall success. 

Applicants will need a minimum of high school education; however, no other experience is necessary to apply for this certification. Renewal is required every four years to maintain this certification.

Certified Food Safety Manager

This is a critical certification to hold if you’re working with food. This certification is offered by the National Registry of Food and assesses the skills and knowledge of warehouse workers regarding safe food handling.

A high school education is required, but no experience is needed to obtain this certification. Its validity lasts for five years. 

Certified Facility Manager

This certification is geared toward management and supervisors. Offered by the International Facility Management Organization, this covers 11 areas of warehouse management, such as risk management, operations and maintenance, project management, facility information management and technology management, and more. 

Since this is geared toward seasoned workers, there are more requirements. You must either have a minimum of three years of work experience if you have at least a bachelor’s degree in facility management, or you must have five years of work experience if you do not hold this degree. Once you receive this certification, you will have to renew it every three years.

Certified Production Technician

Provided by The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council, this certification appeals to warehouse workers involved in any production stage, from handling raw materials to the finished products. There are four assessments: safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness.

Once you are certified, you will need to renew it every five years.

Certified Safety Professional

Offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, this is geared towards workers whose primary duties involve providing professional safety. Nearly every worker can benefit from the material in this certification, but if you are interested in taking on a leadership role, this is especially useful.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and four years of experience in a safety-related role are required. There is an annual renewal fee to maintain your certification. You must also obtain recertification credits every five years to prove that you stay up-to-date with safety standards and procedures.

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