What Makes A Great Hiring Selection Committee?

What Makes a Great Hiring Selection Committee - Expert Staffing

Finding the right candidates to hire for your open positions is crucial. Good hires are more likely to contribute to positive morale in addition to the bottom line and are also more likely to stay for a longer duration, reducing employee turnover. These benefits also keep costs in check, which nearly every company values.

Can a Hiring Selection Committee Help You?

One way that many companies try to make the best hiring decisions possible is with the collaborative strength of a hiring selection committee. This committee is a group of employees that can represent the company in varying capacities to choose the best candidate. 

The hiring selection committee finds the best hires by:

  • Removing bias
  • Considering diversity and equal opportunity
  • Sharing experiences and perspectives regarding company needs

This committee should be involved at every juncture of the interviewing and hiring process, from reviewing resumes to conducting the interview; they are engaged in a coordinated way to provide perspective and feedback to help the company find the best employees.

4 Tips to Create a Strong Hiring Selection Committee

If you’re thinking of creating or utilizing a hiring selection committee, it’s essential to consider these four tips. 

Keep it Compact, Yet Representative.

While most of the magic of the committee is to collaborate, you shouldn’t have too many employees involved. If your group is too large, it can make the hiring process even longer and will put a strain on company resources. Sticking to three or four people is most recommended. 

Those three to four people should represent different priorities within the company that are most related to the open position. 

Ensure Everyone understands the Position

Everyone on the committee needs to understand the open position and the job description. A candidate should feel like they are interviewing with a team that functions cohesively, not disjointed. When your hiring selection committee understands the position, they can add more value to the hiring process and demonstrate strong qualities about the company to the candidates.

Assign a Chairperson

A chairperson of your hiring committee will not take the place of anyone in HR. However, this person should be the most affected by the new hire. While all opinions of the committee will be valued and considered, the chairperson’s feedback and opinion should carry a bit more weight. 

Create Criteria and Feedback Protocol

Don’t forget to create a uniform “scoring” or evaluation system when creating a hiring selection committee. This will make it easier to weigh each candidate on the same factors. You will also want committee members first to write down their feedback, so they aren’t inadvertently swayed once the conversation begins. 

Should Your Company Have a Selection Committee?

If your company is very small, with mainly one person making hiring decisions, then a committee does not make much sense. However, you could always consider asking another person to collaborate and strategize your hiring process.

If you have a company that can easily have a few other employees involved in the hiring process, you have to be aware that whatever workers you take away for hiring needs will have to abandon their work for that same amount of time. Creating processes, procedures, and a clear strategy will be vital so you can make the most of everyone’s time and reap the benefits of a hiring selection committee. 

Get the Hiring Support You Need

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