How to Establish Strong Relationships with Your Light Industrial Workers

How to Establish Strong Relationships with Your Light Industrial Workers - Expert Staffing

The light industrial field is quite diverse in its production size, scope and skill level. No matter the size of your operation, when managers and workers have a mutual respect for each other, the tasks and overall production is smoother and more successful.

Unfortunately, when respect and cohesion are absent from a team, it shows in the productivity and end results. Thankfully, much of the positive change a manager might be looking for are within his/her own control. If you want a strong relationship with your workers, there are several ways to cultivate it.

The Foundation of a Strong Relationship: Value

One of the best perspectives a manager can have of their workers is how much value they bring to the table. No matter what size operation you run and what skill level is required of your team, you must see each worker as extremely valuable to your team. 

Think about their potential and see them as an asset. Once you can do this, every other way you will begin to cultivate a relationship with them will seem essential and worthwhile.

6 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship

Treat Workers with Respect

Showing respect for your employees starts on Day 1. As their manager, you introduce yourself, shake their hands, make eye contact, and help them become acclimated to their work environment. When a worker begins a new role with this respectful tone, they’ll most likely feel relieved to have chosen this place to work. From there, here are other ways to show respect to your workers and cultivate a strong relationship with each team member. 

Clearly Communicate with Your Workers

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your workers is to clearly communicate with them. This applies to communicating responsibilities, expectations, and feedback. Employees should know exactly what they need to do during their shift to meet their performance standards. 

Be sure to allow your workers to ask you for clarification on any of your directives. An open door policy for your workers will help give them the confidence to ask any questions they may have. 

Be Understanding

Every worker is human – just like you! If you have workers who are reliable and punctual on a regular basis, be forgiving if they need some flexibility or accommodations every once in a while. From doctor’s appointments, to sick children, to the occassional missed alarm clock, part of building a relationship is being able to be flexible when a worker needs it. They’ll be appreciative of your support and understanding and will often come back to work with more gratitude and motivation to do their best.

Acknowledge Your Workers

Don’t let a day go by that you don’t take the time to acknowledge a worker. From large accomplishments to just doing their job well, workers get a sense of pride when their manager acknowledges their efforts. 

Another meaningful form of acknowledgement is just taking a few minutes to chit-chat with your workers. Keeping conversation light-hearted while getting to know your employees will help them feel as though you care about them while they’re on or off the clock.

Share Company Goals

Everyone feels more satisfied in their jobs when they feel as though they are contributing to something meaningful. Even the smallest task in a production line has value for the end goal. One of the best ways to truly communicate this to your workers is to share with them the company’s goals or strategic vision. Not only will they understand how they add value, but they may also feel a greater sense of pride in their contribution to the overall success of the company’s achievements.

Cultivate Personal Connections

Your workers spend a lot of hours together on a shift. While they may formulate small connections in passing, if you facilitate other ways for them to build relationships among each other, you may find that your team becomes stronger altogether. When workers can respect each other, they want to perform their best so as to lift the team higher together. You can plan luncheons together or happy hours to help spark some extra bonding. 

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