How to Establish Strong Relationships with Your Light Industrial Workers

How to Establish Strong Relationships with Your Light Industrial Workers - Expert Staffing

The light industrial field is quite diverse in its production size, scope and skill level. No matter the size of your operation, when managers and workers have a mutual respect for each other, the tasks and overall production is smoother and more successful. Unfortunately, when respect and cohesion are absent from a team, it shows… Read More »

The Benefits of Hiring for Attitude

The Benefits of Hiring for Attitude - Expert Staffing

A commonly used, or heard, phrase in the recruitment world is, “hire for attitude, train for skill.” Like every catchy one-liner, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to determining its merit. As you consider your hiring strategy, it’s worth looking into the practice of hiring for attitude and how it might make a… Read More »

5 Things You Can Do to Become an Effective Leader

There are many different traits of an effective leader. Adaptability, assertiveness, open-minded, positive, empowering. These are all qualities that a leader may have. Beyond traits, there are practices that an effective leader will do to help bring greater success to their team. Follow These 5 Tips to Be an Effective Leader Be a Good Listener… Read More »

Change the Game with Stay Interviews

You’re probably familiar with the exit interview, but stay interviews are a less popular practice that can change the game for creating a healthy company for your employees. Instead of conducting interviews when employees already decide to leave, stay interviews are meant to help you understand what employees value most about the company and why… Read More »

Create a Company Culture Your Employees Want to Rave About

In the last several years, more companies are focusing on creating a positive company culture. This is an important task because a positive work environment has a long list of benefits, including employee retention and overall financial success. 6 Compelling Benefits of a Positive Company Culture It’s a good idea to take some time and… Read More »

Quick Tips to Improve Your Company’s Culture

A vibrant and positive company culture can be a huge asset to a business. Many top leaders feel it is a large factor in company success overall. Why? Because a company culture that can excite employees about working for a company, and make them feel appreciated, can foster good morale, strong teamwork and high job satisfaction. As… Read More »

How to Ensure Your Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

Temporary employees are a growing part of the U.S. workforce. In fact, estimates are that by next year, roughly 40% of workers will be contingent – temps, freelancers, and independent contractors. If you use temps at all, it’s crucial to treat them as part of your team at work. If you don’t, the temps you… Read More »