Health care is one of the most promising fields for those in search of a new career. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the healthcare sector will need an additional 2.4 million workers within the next decade. Are you interested in entering a healthcare profession? There are amazing opportunities in health care for people of all education levels. Whether you’re just starting to venture into medical fields or are looking to advance your career, the following jobs should be on your radar.

The most promising healthcare careers for any education level

1.      High school graduates – Patient care assistant (PCA)

Patient care assistants provide direct care to patients in all medical settings. As a PCA, you will help patients walk, provide their meals, help them perform therapy exercises and much more. Best of all, it’s possible to find entry-level positions with little or no medical training. Many hospitals will train you on the job, or you might even be put through a short course to hone your skills.

2.      Short-term training – Certified nursing assistant

A dedicate PCA might go on to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant), earning the right to work in a wider variety of settings and increase their earning potential. Though CNAs are required to complete a training program, the courses last only a few months and can often be completed while you continue to work as a PCA. Since it is also possible to begin CNA training with no previous experience, there are multiple paths you could take to enter the field.

3.      Associate degree – Radiology technician

Rad techs perform complex procedures such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans – without these, modern diagnostic and medical care wouldn’t exist. Since accurate medical imaging is critical to medical care, radiology technicians must go through formal training and obtain a degree in their field. Such training, however, can be completed in under two years, making it an excellent mid-level healthcare career.

4.      Bachelor’s degree – Registered nurse

As the backbone of the medical fields, nurses coordinate care between specialties at all levels, working intimately with physicians, PCAs and everyone in between. Though it’s still possible to become a nurse with just an associate degree (and this remains an excellent option for many), earning a bachelor’s degree increases your chances of landing the most promising jobs. Whatever path you choose, you will never spend long looking for a nursing job.

5.      Master’s degree – Nurse anesthetist

If you continue to work your way up the healthcare career ladder, becoming a nurse anesthetist is a sure way to push your salary into six digits. Since nurse anesthetists must have a complete understanding of their patient’s health history before administering anesthesia, their training is long and difficult. Regardless, the payoff of working in this fascinating and important field is worth the effort.

What type of healthcare career are you interested in?

No matter what type of work experience you have, there are exciting opportunities waiting for you in a wide range of medical fields. To find out more about healthcare jobs in your area, contact us today.