Is Your Company Buckling Down on Safety?

Safety is a key consideration in workplaces across the country. Whether you are managing an office, a warehouse, or a manufacturing plant, you need to enforce safety standards and safety precautions. Approximately 5,147 people died because of workplace injuries in 2017, and many more were injured.  

Workplace injuries can range from bruises in a slip and fall to being struck with a heavy object falling from a high place. You need to make employees understand why safety is important, so that they listen. Here are 4 of the best methods of enforcement and promoting employee understanding. 

Train Your Employees

There’s no substitute for training sessions to ensure that your employees know the standards expected of them. Have sit-down sessions with materials provided that are comprehensive and easy to read. Be sure to have some sort of test to ensure that workers know the safety standards they are expected to adhere to. 

Post Signs 

Want to know why signs about safety are frequently posted in workplaces? Because they are effective! Reminders to clean up a work station to avoid accidents caused by debris or clutter, or to wear a helmet if required, should be instilled initially by training sessions, but reinforced by posters. 

Make sure signs and posters are placed where they can be read at leisure, in break rooms, and hallways. 

Provide the Tools

A company is generally responsible for providing safety tools or for making it clear that the employees are expected to provide them. A warehouse that needs to be free of clutter and obstacles, for example, needs to have brooms and containers available so employees can keep the area free of clutter. 

If you have a warehouse or manufacturing company where people need to wear safety equipment, such as hard hats, safety goggles, or gloves, make it clear that they must be worn – and that penalties will ensue if they aren’t. 

Reward Good Safety Practices

The best way to ensure compliance with safety regulations is to reward employees for good behavior. A “safety employee of the month” award, publicized in a newsletter or poster, can be developed. Be sure to let employees known the criteria by which the employee is chosen, such as keeps the area very clean or always wears hard hats appropriately.  

You can also choose a safety team at given intervals, and reward them with gift cards or a free lunch. Any act that puts safety out there as an important activity that earns rewards serves as positive reinforcement about the importance of safety. 


Need Help Hiring?

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