As study after study highlights the link between stress and many severe health disorders, the importance of minimizing frustration at work becomes ever clearer. Does your job have you approaching or reaching your limits on a regular basis? If so, it’s time to take charge of the situation. These four tips will help you handle frustration with a smile even on the toughest days.

How to handle frustration at work

1.      Communicate

Since most jobs require some level of collaboration with your coworkers, open communication is one of the best ways to eliminate problems before they reach a boiling point. Misunderstandings, unclear goals, poor coordination can quickly lead to a project coming off course, and it’s much easier to prevent these problems than it is to pick up the pieces. If you make a point of collaborating and communicating during every stage, however, you’ll eliminate many sources of confusion and frustration.

2.      Ask for help

When problems manage to slip by despite your best efforts, however, it’s vital that you not try to tackle them alone. Though it can be tempting to rely on your own skills and experience when the going gets tough, playing the martyr will do nothing other than stretch you to your limits. Instead, teach yourself to lean on others and to delegate tasks when they start to pile up too heavily.

3.      Take regular breaks

Working through the frustration might seem like the only way to catch up, but it’s a mistake that might cost you in the long run. In contrast, regular breaks help you unwind and relax, and studies indicate that a few minutes of downtime can actually increase your total productivity. So don’t work yourself to the bone; instead, take a few minutes every hour to catch your breath and clear your head.

4.      Learn to say no

You’re not doing yourself, your coworkers, or your boss any favors by taking on more than you can successfully handle. Whether it’s an overtime shift or a new project, saying no to any task that will push you outside your comfort zone is a quick way to burn yourself out and lose touch with your work/life balance.

Looking for a new job?

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