Struggling to Fill a Job No One Wants?

There are few elements more challenging in the life of a manager than repeatedly trying to fill a job…that it seems no one wants. You can receive multiple indications of such a problem. Maybe you’re receiving just a smattering of resumes. Perhaps the candidates seem unqualified when they show up. Or, candidates may not show up for… Read More »

Are Flexible Hours Plausible in the Industrial Field?

Over the last decade, flexible hours have become a huge workplace trend in many businesses. But is it possible to develop flexible hours for industrial workers?   Many manufacturing and production firms are creating flexible hours for their employees. It helps, though, to understand a distinction between industrial jobs and other types of work in which… Read More »

Important Qualities to Look for When Hiring LPNs

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are important providers of hands-on patient care and crucial links in the chain of healthcare teams. If you’re looking to hire LPNs, you’ll review their credentials, qualifications and experience. But, as in any caring profession, it’s important to look for personal qualities that can separate excellent LPNs from so-so providers. Here… Read More »

Reliable Forms of Transportation to Get You to and From Work

As a hardworking employee, you know one of the most important things to do is to get to work on time every day. Punctuality is important to us and to our clients. To get to work on time, you need a reliable form of transportation. One that works conveniently and dependably, every day.   Public… Read More »

Could Your Training Process Use Some Spring Cleaning?

It’s a good idea to review your training processes periodically. Spring, the time of cleaning out the cobwebs and of rebirth, is a great time to do that. First, think about why you do training. There are three basic reasons. The first is ensuring competence: employees need to know how to do the work they… Read More »