Is Remote Work Going Away in a Post Pandemic World?

COVID-19 required just about every person in the world to pivot and adapt in a variety of ways. One of the greatest ways companies had to shift was how they conducted their work. The pandemic brought about remote work options, and, now, a few years after those adjustments, employers and employees are figuring out the… Read More »

No More FOMO: How a Night Shift Job Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

No More FOMO: How a Night Shift Job Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer - Expert Staffing

If you’ve been in a rut due to your schedule, you might want to consider making a switch to the night shift. Working the night shift is often overlooked by workers, but it has the potential to refresh your routine and allow you to make the most of your life. What better time to test… Read More »

Brain Breaks – Why Everyone Needs Them

Brain Breaks - Why Everyone Needs Them | Expert Staffing

Everyone is busy. Work is busy. Unfortunately, being too busy at work can take an emotional toll, and even a personal toll on your life. When it comes to workplace productivity, always feeling busy and bogged down can actually decrease your productivity, morale and could potentially cause burnout. Even though there’s little you can do… Read More »

Having a Bad Week? Here are Some Tips to Get in a Better Head Space

As much as we would like to leave our personal life outside the office, it doesn’t always happen. Triggers from your personal life, or even issues going on in the office can affect your head space.  We all know the best workers are those that have a more positive frame of mind. They’re more productive… Read More »

Make Time for Yourself and Avoid Burnout at Work

Have you ever experienced burnout? You’re motivated, taking on projects, firing on all cylinders, maybe even working overtime to pay off extra on bills, and then, you all of a sudden, crash. Everything hits you like a ton of bricks. You feel exhausted, stressed, and suddenly unmotivated to do anything. This is burnout. It crushes… Read More »

Are Flexible Hours Plausible in the Industrial Field?

Over the last decade, flexible hours have become a huge workplace trend in many businesses. But is it possible to develop flexible hours for industrial workers?   Many manufacturing and production firms are creating flexible hours for their employees. It helps, though, to understand a distinction between industrial jobs and other types of work in which… Read More »