No More FOMO: How a Night Shift Job Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

No More FOMO: How a Night Shift Job Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer - Expert Staffing

If you’ve been in a rut due to your schedule, you might want to consider making a switch to the night shift. Working the night shift is often overlooked by workers, but it has the potential to refresh your routine and allow you to make the most of your life.

What better time to test it out when the summer sun is out? A schedule shift might be the change you need to get out of a rut and enjoy all those summer activities.

5 Ways the Night Shift Can Create Balance & Help You Enjoy Summer

Enjoy Vitamin D (The Sun!)

Since summer is here, try to enjoy it! When working the night shift, you can enjoy the summer sun. Taking time to relax, work, or play outdoors in the sun gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which has several health benefits and is a big mood booster. By changing your shift, you can get the chance to enjoy the healthy and fun effects of summer.

Get More Things Done

Working a regular day schedule makes getting to necessary appointments like doctor’s visits or dentist cleanings difficult. Many people find that night shifts also make it easier to tend to some priorities in family life, like kids’ activities and other engagements. Plus, since those working the night shift won’t deal with the usual traffic rush hours, that’s extra time right away.

Better Pay

Since working the night shift doesn’t work for or appeal to everyone, employers often can pay more to the qualified worker willing to work those hours. Once you find the balance with the night shift, it can be worth the extra pay to put back into your personal life.

Continuing Education Opportunities

It can be hard to pursue continuing education coursework while working a regular day job. However, the night shift might provide more flexibility to allow you to pursue extra coursework or certifications to further your career. 

Less Competition

When you find an opportunity to work the night shift, jump on it! There is less competition, so you’ll likely hear back from the hiring manager soon after (as long as you’re qualified with skills and experience). 

Looking for a Job that Fits Your Personal Life and Professional Goals?

If you’re searching for a job that helps you reach your goals without crushing your personal life, consider reaching out to the pros at Expert Staffing.

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