Losing a customer for preventable reasons can be devastating to your business. Fortunately, losing customers can usually be prevented – as long as you can identify the cause. In fact, over 60 percent of consumers report they have stopped using a service because of poor customer support. Could bad customer service be the cause of your shrinking customer base? If so, you must address the issue as quickly as possible.

Why customer service is more important than ever

Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful marketing tools available. In today’s market, however, word of mouth has a longer reach than ever before. For businesses that put extra effort into their customer’s experience, online reviews are a godsend. A single negative review, on the other hand, can leave a lasting mark that will damage your reputation. In addition, improved shipping and transportation services mean your customers are not limited to companies nearby. If your company provides poor customer support, it is easy for your clients to seek a better service from another town or state. Improving your service and support department will help you maintain your reputation – and your hold on to your clients.

Improving the customer’s experience.

If your representatives are having bad results dealing with complaints from customers, it’s time to make some changes in every department that deals directly with clients.

·         Take the blame

Even when a customer’s complaints seem unreasonable, it’s important to listen to their concerns and try to make things right. After all, taking a loss on a single transaction is much better than losing a client (or having an unhappy customer voice their complaints publicly).

·         Give customer service training to your whole staff

Even if an employee, or an entire department, is not expected to ever meet a client, their actions still influence the client’s experience. It’s vitally important, therefore, that all your employees receive basic customer service training. In fact, service skills will help your employees improve their interactions among each other, leading to a more relaxed and productive workplace.

·         Make your values clear

Employees look to their leaders for an example. It is your job to set the tone that will define how your sales team and others interact with your clients. Do you make it clear you respect and value your client base? If your team is acutely aware your clients are your most important resource (after all, everyone’s jobs depend on them), they will naturally make customer service a priority.

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