Are You Including Keywords in Your Resume?

Using keywords in your resume is one of the best ways to get noticed by both recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

When talking about job searches, keywords are short phrases or words that relate to particular job requirements. They are the skills, credentials, and qualities that a hiring manager looks for in a candidate. 

Whether a hiring manager is looking through a pile of resumes, or using ATS to filter out resumes, the absence or presence of keywords will determine which resumes are eliminated and which ones grab their attention and warrant an interview.

How to Find Keywords to Use for Your Resume

The best place to find keywords is in the job posting itself. You can also research other job postings for similar positions if the one you’re applying to is a little bit on the thin side.

Look in the “qualifications” and “responsibilities” sections of the post to find the keywords and phrases the hiring manager or ATS will look for. 

In addition, hiring managers are looking for a good fit for the company culture in their candidates. To find appropriate keywords for this area, look at the company website in the “About Us” web page. 

How to Use Keywords In Your Resume to Get Noticed

Now that you’ve found keywords, here are the best ways to use them.

Be Specific

Use keywords that are most specific to the job posting. The more specific you are, the better chance your resume will be noticed by the hiring managers, and especially ATS.

Know the Value Proposition

Show the hiring manager that you have done your research and really want the job by using keywords that line up with the values of the company itself.

Mix it Up

Use a variety of keywords so that your resume reads genuine while still including relevant keywords. Since you will mix up your use of keywords, make sure you sprinkle them throughout the resume and cover letter – not just once or twice.

Craft a Resume to Get Noticed

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