3 Warning Signs You are Getting a Bait-and-Switch Job Offer

A term that originated when false advertising lured consumers into a store for expired deals or for out-of-stock products is unfortunately common in the job search process as well. Even if bait-and-switch job offers are happening more, there are still ways to avoid them and get a quality job offer to move your career ahead. 

What is a Bait-and-Switch Job Offer?

A bait-and-switch job offer is when the real job is unlike the job listing. This isn’t about small nuances, but it’s about much larger discrepancies. Sometimes, it may mean that the hired worker is expected to do much more work, often with responsibilities not related to the main job position. Other times, a job opportunity that looks promising for growth and new challenges is actually very isolated and mundane.

Recognize These 3 Warning Signs 

Obviously, the best-case scenario is to not have to get out of a bait-and-switch offer. It’s better if you can spot such an offer before you’ve accepted the position. Here are a few warning signs and ways you can spot a bait-and-switch job offer.

Do Your Research

While you are still in the application process, thoroughly read the job description, then do research on the company website, social media platforms, and news sites. This can help you get a good understanding of what the company’s reputation may be and whether or not the job description responsibilities line up with what is known about their work and expertise. 

Beware of Super Stressed Supervisors

During the interview process, if you meet with supervisors who seem extremely stressed or frazzled, you may want to ask questions that will clarify the position’s role and responsibilities. Overworked and overstressed employees can be a sign that they are doing more work than what they originally signed up to do, and not just for a temporary time period.

Take Notice of Unclear Answers

If your interviewer is not able to give you many specifics about expectations, points of performance, or other basic questions you may have about the job position, it could be a sign that the job description is a false advertisement for the job. 

Avoid the Risks and Work with a Staffing Agency for a Real Job Opportunity

One of the best ways to avoid a bait-and-switch job offer is to work with a staffing agency to find a promising job. They will work with reputable, honest companies, and they have agreements in place to make sure that not only does the company get a fantastic, qualified employee, but that the employee also works at a job with honest expectations. Plus, with many staffing agency hiring agreements, there is a time for the new hire and company to test each other out and make sure it’s the right fit for everyone.

Get a Job Offer that Excites You

Avoid the bait-and-switch offer and be confident that your next job offer will propel your career in the right direction. Contact Expert Staffing today.

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