How to Excel in Your First Month on the Job in a Light Industrial Role

How to Excel in Your First Month on the Job in a Light Industrial Role - Expert Staffing

When entering a new role in a light industrial job, a successful start can set the tone for the following months and years. A strong start makes a good first impression and can help you perform at the expected capacity quicker than the average new hire. As you can imagine, a successful start at your new job can have long-term benefits.

4 Tips to Start Strong

As we’ve written about before, there are some easy-to-follow tips to kick off your new job on a strong note and make a good impression. 

  • Do your research before you even arrive.
  • Reach out for confirmation or answers to any of your questions.
  • Introduce yourself to your coworkers.
  • Check-in with your manager for feedback and collaboration.

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A Key Piece to Success: Make Connections

While those tips are still relevant in that first week (and beyond) one key piece that helps a new employee excel in a new role is to make connections within the company. 

These connections don’t necessarily have to be personal, outside of work connections. What’s more important is the ability to know who to talk to when you need to.

3 Reasons Why You Need the Scaffold

Collaborative Environment

When employees are familiar with each other and their roles, there is a greater sense of collaboration. Being able to brainstorm with one another or bounce ideas around for clarification can lead to better problem-solving. 

Close the Skills Gap

New employees, or even those who transition into a new role, will often begin with a skills gap. Building connections with your team can help you close that gap and become a more productive employee faster. If you’re unsure of how to accomplish a task, find the person who can help you. Introducing yourself to others (like we wrote above) can help you find the best coworkers to close your skills gap. 

Feel the Support

Starting a new role can be intimidating and uncomfortable. As you make connections with your coworkers, you will find those that you relate well to. You will find those who share your energy and personality, and this can be incredibly helpful when it comes to raising your comfort levels at work. Whether you feel their support during a stressful day or are able to enjoy a break with a friend, these connections can make a positive impact on your work and experience. 

Find a Secure Job that Excites You

If you need help finding a job that provides you with both the security and excitement you’re looking for in a job, contact Expert Staffing.

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