Tips For A Successful First Week On The Job

Tips For A Successful First Week On The Job - Expert Staffing

Starting a new job is incredibly exciting. In addition to feeling excited, you may also feel anxious or nervous. As you begin this next chapter at a new job, you should start making the right first impression which can go a long way. 

You should reconsider if you think your first week isn’t that important. Starting your new job making the right impression can help boost your confidence as you learn new things and dive deeper into your responsibilities. 

When you start your new job aiming to make the most of your first week, your supervisor and coworkers will also take notice.

4 Tips to Have a Successful First Week

Do Your Research

Your first tip should be done before you even arrive on day one. Research the company, their competitors, and even social media profiles. By looking at some pictures on social media, you will understand the dress code and even learn the names of coworkers faster. 

Reach Out to Confirm or Ask Questions

Contact your supervisor or human resource contact a few days before your start date. Confirm your schedule or ask if there’s anything you should do or bring to be the most prepared. Not only will this answer any questions, but it looks good that you’re striving to be as prepared as possible. It shows you’re ready to jump in and make the most of this opportunity.

Introduce Yourself

On your first day, take time to introduce yourself to your team. Most likely, your supervisor will help make the introduction, but if they don’t – no worries! Making connections with your coworkers before your first week comes and goes can be a great way to feel more comfortable in a new position. 

Check In with Your Manager

As your first week ends, have some one-on-one time with your boss. Prepare a list of questions you might have, and share some of the progress you’ve made as well. Checking in with your manager during this first week can set the tone for better collaboration during your tenure with the company.

EXTRA TIP: During your first week, never hesitate to ask questions. Of course, try your best to find the answers with the resources you’re being given, but it’s better to ask your coworkers or manager if you have a question than try to do it alone.

Find a Job You Can’t Wait to Start

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