The Impact of Proactive Maintenance Checks in Manufacturing

The Impact of Proactive Maintenance Checks in Manufacturing -Expert Staffing

There used to be a time when manufacturing equipment was only repaired. Now, with more sophisticated and advanced machines, there is the opportunity to run proactive maintenance.  Proactive maintenance can help companies keep their operations running smoothly with fewer interruptions for equipment repair, which could negatively impact business goals.  What is Proactive Maintenance? There are… Read More »

Don’t Keep Making These 5 Resume Mistakes

Don't Keep Making These 5 Resume Mistakes - Expert Staffing

If your job search has not progressed to the interview stage, it probably means that your resume isn’t communicating who you are and why you’re the right fit for the job.  Instead of sending out dozens more resumes to only be overlooked, take a look at common mistakes to make sure your resume doesn’t include… Read More »

Workplace Traditions That Are Driving Talent Away

Workplace Traditions That Are Driving Talent Away - Expert Staffing

When a company has been developing their office culture and company traditions over several years, it may not consider whether it’s time for a refresh or not. Unfortunately, with so many different generations coming under the same office roof, it’s important for a company to consider whether their office traditions bring employees together to feel… Read More »

How Online Reviews Can Impact Your Hiring

Online reviews exist for everything under the sun: products, services, and yes, companies. As a result, job candidates have ample opportunity to access online reviews of your company’s products, services, and hiring practices if they wish.    The Effect of Online Reviews  Does this have any impact on your hiring? It may, for several reasons.… Read More »

How to Talk to Your Boss About Safety Concerns

Safety is highly important in workplaces. Without appropriate safety standards and protocols, workers can be injured. Safety is just as important to companies as it is to workers, as we all want safe workplaces.   Nonetheless, sometimes it can be difficult to bring up safety concerns. Your boss may seem busy or distracted. How should employees begin a conversation… Read More »

Do You Give That New College Grad a Chance or Hire for More Experience?

If you’re a hiring manager, the recent crop of college grads is out there and hungry for experience! But it’s not always clear whether hiring someone for their first job is the best plan, or whether you should hire someone with more experience.   What’s the best way to decide between hiring someone with different levels of… Read More »

Should Your Company Keep in Contact With Former Employees?

Should you let the relationship with a former employee fade, or do you maintain it? The rise in social media makes it much easier to keep in contact with former employees if your company wants to. But is it a good idea?  Frankly, the answer to the question may hinge on the company’s perception of the employee. Here’s a… Read More »

Could That Meeting Have Been an Email?

While meetings are a fact of office life (whether you’re physically in the office or work from home), many meetings actually aren’t necessary. In fact, meetings that waste time and accomplish little top the pet peeve list of both managers and employees. If you’ve ever been in a meeting where one or two people monopolize… Read More »

How Social Media Can Help Your Employment Search

If you think of social media as primarily social, it’s time to recalibrate! Many employers use social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook to find and evaluate job candidates. Yes, there are opportunities everywhere! Here’s how to make the most of social media during your job search.    Use social media to find job postings. LinkedIn is one of the main sites you can use… Read More »

4 Tips to Create a Winning Resume

A resume is one of the most important tools in your job-search kit. In fact, it’s arguably the most important tool. A good resume wins you an interview; an interview can get you a job offer. A bad resume, on the other hand, can get tossed out by an applicant tracking system (ATS) before a human ever… Read More »