How Online Reviews Can Impact Your Hiring

Online reviews exist for everything under the sun: products, services, and yes, companies. As a result, job candidates have ample opportunity to access online reviews of your company’s products, services, and hiring practices if they wish. 


The Effect of Online Reviews 

Does this have any impact on your hiring? It may, for several reasons. First, some top candidates may only want to work for companies whose online record is stellar. A single negative review about your company could turn them off of even applying. You always want your reviews to be as positive as possible. 

Second, many prospective employees consult Glassdoor to see what other prospective (and existing) employees think about the company. Glassdoor reviews weigh in on topics such as your interview strategies, salaries, and more.  

Most human resources professionals think that online reviews, whether positive or negative, will significantly impact most outsiders’ views of your company only if they form a pattern. But a pattern can be formed with more than two reviews – or possibly even less if there are no counterbalancing views. 

In other words, if your company’s salary ranges are reviewed positively, on the whole, one negative review is unlikely to turn job seekers off. It will be viewed as an outlier. But three or more negative reviews, even alongside more positive ones? That may give prospective employees cold feet. 


How To Handle Online Reviews

So how should you handle reviews, both good and bad? 

First, don’t ignore them. People read them, so managing these requires that you see and respond to them. 

Second, if they’re positive, be happy! Good word of mouth matters. Also, keep doing what you’re doing. 

Third, if they’re negative, adopt an active strategy to deal with them. Consider making changes in the processes they address. If you have complaints about your salary structure, perhaps you need to re-evaluate whether your salaries are competitive for your sector and region. Negative reviews will improve if the actual situation changes. 

Then, address the issue in your hiring process. Once you correct the issue with salaries, place a statement about salaries being competitive with the industry in the job posting (or put the actual salary range, if appropriate for your industry).  

Another is to post employee stories on your social media sites, such as Facebook. The employees can respond indirectly with positive stories on topics you’ve received negative reviews on and since corrected. Prospective employees also look at social media sites. 


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