How Can You Help Your Team Focus This Summer?

Summer is a beautiful time of year. But it’s beauty can make it hard for your team to focus at work. The weather beckons. Children are out of school. Let’s face it, even adults keep the school-age focus on summer as a “different” time of year: one that’s more leisurely, with plenty of time for strolling outside and long lunches.

However, you want your team to focus all the time. Here are some guides to helping your team focus.


Initiate team-building activities

One of the best solutions to fostering team focus over the summer is to lean into what summer’s all about. For many people, it’s about getting outside, to see or play sports, or have picnics and cookouts. Utilize those interests in your team-building activities.

Have a picnic to foster group cohesion and getting to know each other. Make going to a local baseball game a team event. Sponsor some team events at local miniature golf courses.

Reward your team for good performance

You can reward them in “summery” ways. Many people, for example, like to get away with family on summer weekends. If your business allows it, consider making Friday a day off during the summer (or half-day). Make it clear that these can happen only in the summer, and are keyed to strong performance all year.

You can also hold drawings for free baseball tickets, or a free day at a local swimming pool.

Allow remote work

If the nature of your business and the positions can be remote, consider allowing remote work during the summer. Employees greatly appreciate work-life balance, especially when children might be home.

If you are wondering whether letting people work remotely would function well in your company, you can roll it out on a trial basis during the summer and get data on whether it works, and for which people.

Experiment with passion projects

If some employees have passion projects they are interested in, and summer is a slow(er) period than the rest of the year, you can foster focus and engagement by encouraging these passion projects. Whether it’s an outreach to a local community organization or digital refiling, many employees can be recharged if their projects are fostered and appreciated.


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