Are You Turning a Blind Eye to Bad Safety Practices?

Even with the best of good intentions, it’s possible to start turning a blind eye to corrupt safety practices. In a warehouse, for example, not keeping workspaces and areas where people walk clean and free from debris can be dangerous. But not keeping them clean and free from debris is a practice that can start very slowly and build up over time. Similarly, employees who work in potentially dangerous areas, such as loading docks, can become very comfortable and begin to ignore safety precautions.   

Here are some tips on making sure safety precautions stay on track and keeping your employees safe.  

Educate your employees on proper safety practices. 

Start an educational campaign on good safety practices. It’s likely your employees already know these, but kicking off a campaign will focus their awareness.   

Stress the importance of keeping workplaces clean and free from debris. Loose boxes, packing tape, sawdust, and more can be hazards that cause people to trip, for instance. People on loading docks and other spaces where machinery operates need to give the forklifts and trucks a wide berth and work safely around them. If people see worn cords or other materials that could spark an electrical fire, they need to report it promptly.  

The campaign can be carried in a series of meetings, educational material they have to engage with (such as online tests), and so on.  

Promote continual awareness of proper safety practices.  

Don’t make the educational campaign a one-time event. Employees should have ample reminders of the excellent safety practices they are expected to maintain. Posters and other materials should remind them of daily responsibilities.  

Inspect workplaces.  

Don’t just educate, either. Periodically inspect your workplace to make sure that the safety standards you’ve set forth are being maintained. Are workplaces clean and free from debris? Do workers who require safety equipment or the use of safety features do so (goggles, warning beeps, and so forth)?   

The most exceptional educational and promotional campaigns on workplace safety in the world aren’t going to help if employees don’t see that you put your money where your mouth is. Make sure compliance with workplace safety is actively monitored.  

Reward good safety practices.  

Instill a reward system as well. Consider instituting a program such as a safety employee (or team) of the month for the person or group who consistently maintains a clean and safe workspace. If someone has pointed out a safety violation, such as frayed or damaged equipment, reward them with a gift certificate or a day off.   

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