The Importance of Understanding the Motivations of a Candidate

If you’re in the process of hiring a new employee, it’s very important to understand their motivations. Build in a method of getting to the bottom of why a candidate wants a new job. It could be money, for example, or time, or a new opportunity, or even a shorter commute.  

Methods such as an open-ended interview question (“why do you want this job?”) help you decide who best fits the position and, thus, whom to hire for the following reasons.  

Assess whether they can meet your goals.

All companies and managers have goals. You want to hire the candidate who can most contribute to meeting your goals. You may have been charged with increasing employee productivity during the year, for example. Your company could emphasize a 24/7, hard-driving culture.  

But what if the interviewee indicates they are motivated by having more time? They are seeking more work-life balance in a job. Even if their other qualifications look good, that person may be a poor fit with the company’s goals. 

Determining a fit with the company culture. 

You need to know motivations to determine whether employees fit with your company culture. Employees who fit with a culture are far more likely to succeed at a job and to want to stay in it. 

Suppose your company culture rewards people who want stretch assignments and who react positively to new challenges. If the interview reveals that a candidate is motivated by the desire for a new position, it indicates a very good fit with the company. 

Knowing how to incentivize and reward. 

Finally, understanding motivation gives you insight into how to incentivize and reward an individual properly. If they are looking for a job to receive a boost in pay, for example, it indicates their motivations center around more money.  

In the future, you can incentivize them with promotional paths offering a higher salary. That’s quite different from motivations involving flexible hours or more perks. Knowing what particular carrot will work with an employee is key to managing them effectively. 

How to Find the Right Candidate in Western Massachusetts

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