Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Celebrations at Work

Dos and Don't of Holiday Celebrations at Work - Expert Staffing

After a year of hard work and during a chaotic season, most managers and workers wouldn’t mind taking some time to celebrate the holidays at the workplace. Done right, the celebration can be a great time for coworkers to relax, get to know each other better, and do even more to build a healthy culture in the office. 

Keep These Tips in Mind

DO Keep the Celebration During Regular Hours

Treat your employees to a workday holiday celebration. They deserve a few hours to celebrate for all their hard work! Plus, having the celebration during regular hours will ensure that more employees can make an appearance without having to worry about children’s activities, other commitments or schedule conflicts.

DON’T Require Attendance

Even if you throw a holiday party during regular working hours, don’t make it a requirement for your employees to attend. Some people don’t like a large crowd or gathering, others might find themselves overwhelmed by the holiday season. While you can kindly encourage them to enjoy the afternoon, don’t pressure anyone to attend.  

DO Offer a Wide Variety of Food

Not only do people prefer different types of food, but you also have several different dietary considerations. When catering or providing food, be sure to offer food that will not only be exciting but will include options for those with food allergies or preferences. Consider vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or nut-free dishes to include so that no matter what dietary preferences or restrictions someone may have, they can choose something tasty to enjoy during your holiday celebration.

DON’T Require a Gift Exchange

While some people may love this office tradition, it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. Between financial constraints for some people, to others having no idea what to give, to feelings being hurt, it’s better to just avoid the required gift exchange. You can consider other fun games for entertainment during the celebration like easy “Minute to Win It” games. 

DO Invite Suggestions & Feedback

You don’t have to figure out the holiday celebration all on your own. Sending a simple questionnaire or survey to your employees about what they want in a holiday party is a simple way to make sure that you throw a successful celebration. After the party, ask for feedback. Staying open to suggestions and feedback will help your annual holiday celebration get better every year!

DON’T Make the Party Too Specific

When it comes to holiday celebrations, it’s important to remember that different employees celebrate different holidays. Either keep your theme something very general or try to include every holiday that your employees might be celebrating. The reason isn’t to be politically correct. It’s really about creating a celebration that is welcoming to all of your employees and makes them feel valued.

A Quick Note About the Holidays

Some people have a harder time coping through the holiday season. Whether it’s because of stress or other personal reasons, never force an employee to take part in your holiday celebrations. Chances are, when you do them right, keeping in mind the considerations above, even employees who struggle during the holiday season will be more comfortable celebrating.

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