3 Tips to Work Your Way Into a Management Position

Ready for your first management position? You need to actively strategize ways of getting there. Your boss and upper management may think of you specifically in your current role, not in another one. So what can you do to gain an advantage and move up in the company? Utilize these three steps. 

Think like a manager – and show you do.

Managers and employees often think differently. Take the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe. Many businesses have been hurt by government-mandated shutdowns that may either have closed their businesses or had to move entirely online. Others have had to retool to keep employees safe and even ramp up to meet new customer demands. 

As an employee, you may be feeling pain: fear (or the reality) of impending layoffs and downsizings, anxiety about your health, or pressure to conform to new work realities. But as a manager, you need to think differently.  

In a nutshell, managers strategize how to help their bosses and the company rather than focusing on their short-term pain. Solve a problem (a way to keep former employees? A way to retool operations? A plan for reopening once the pandemic ends?) Discuss these strategies with your employer. 


Take on some management responsibilities.

The first step to management is taking on management responsibilities. Step up and discuss the possibilities with your manager. Training new employees is often a good initial move. Preparing and giving presentations at staff meetings, conferences, and professional meetings is another method.  

Sometimes, larger teams have smaller, micro focuses. See if you can lead a small group within the larger company team.  


Behave professionally.

It sounds obvious but always behave professionally if you want a management role. Be on time, perform to the best of your ability, and give responsible feedback. Be polite and friendly to everyone. 

Make sure you look the part as well. Dressing and grooming are not just surface qualities; it’s easier to get promoted if you dress like and resemble the management ranks in your company (and harder to get promoted if you don’t)In other words, if most managers wear blazers and khaki slacks at your company, don’t always wear jeans and a t-shirt. Invest in blazers and khaki slacks. 


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