Light Industrial Trends to Be Mindful Of Before 2023

Light Industrial Trends to Be Mindful Of Before 2023 | Expert Staffing

It goes without saying that over the years, the manufacturing industry has evolved. What’s fascinating is just how fast things can change with technological advancements. What used to be an industry dominated by manual labor, became one that increasingly uses the help of machines and automation to turn out more production.

As you might expect, the future of light industrial manufacturing is all about technology. The capabilities are nearly futuristic, but as they say, “The future is now.”

Here’s a glance at just a few.

5 Light Industrial Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Interconnected Data Collection

In the manufacturing space, several devices can be connected to collect and process data to enhance the entire process. Sensors on factory machines help their operators project the pace of productivity, efficiency, and even the need for maintenance. All of this information is interconnected to make data processing an easier task.

Predictive Maintenance

Thanks to the interconnectivity of the machines and quick data collection, it’s easier for operators to know when to schedule maintenance and how to adjust to avoid a crimp in production. What might seem somewhat simple is actually using some of the most advanced technologies, like AI. Even though the technology to collect the data is complex, the idea to prevent production bottlenecks, expensive repairs, and other issues is meeting a very basic need of the light industrial manufacturing industry.

Automation & Dark Factories

With machines becoming so advanced, there are some factories that can become fully automated, or known as “dark,” meaning that not one human being needs to be present for it to operate and complete a job. While this may be disheartening, you must remember that fully automated facilities need people to process the data and maintain the machines, etc. 

3D Printing

While 3D printing has been around for several years, it continues to advance in its sophistication. In fact, this way of printing is now widely used. One of the best products with 3D printing is the creative innovation it allows when prototypes can be developed quickly instead of a project being delayed for weeks. 

Smarter Products

What’s a product if it’s not in some way “smart?” More and more companies are finding ways to make their products solve a problem and connect with other devices. From a vacuum cleaner that you can schedule to run automatically, to a hair curler that regulates its heat based on the hair it’s curling, smart products are in high demand. Manufacturing companies will have to rise to these consumer and product trends as well.

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