Workplace Safety Isn’t Just a ‘Nice to Have’

Workplace Safety Isn't Just a 'Nice to Have' - Expert Staffing

Any company worth working for will have an established safety program that meets the OSHA standards. But workplace safety should be much more than just “meeting the standards.”

When a company is satisfied with the bare minimum of workplace safety standards, they run a major risk of a lack-luster program that is ineffective. Obviously, an ineffective safety program can mean there’s a greater risk of employees being injured on the job.

A Stellar Safety Program

Your company needs a thorough safety program that is up-to-date and meets OSHA standards.

This program must be written professionally and distributed to all the employees in the company. Once everyone has had a chance to give it a glance-over, management needs to run a meeting, going over the program. This is the perfect time to answer questions, listen to feedback, and announce future safety training meetings.

4 Tips to Successfully Implement Safety Training

Whether this is your first training, or a refresher, keeping these tips in mind will not only help your employees be engaged but can also help them retain the information better, leading to a safer workplace overall. 

Cover the Basics

It might seem boring, but repetition can be the most effective teacher when it comes to rules and guidelines of workplace safety. Don’t skip this important step in your safety training.

Review Current Procedures

Go over the current safety procedures. Ask your employees how they think the procedures are working, and ask them if anyone has any feedback. You may gain some valuable insight or ways to improve your current procedures. Even if no one has any ideas for improvement, the fact that feedback was solicited will build confidence in your team that you value their experience and perspective.

Foster Involvement

Workplace safety should not be one-sided, only coming from management. Your workers are qualified and experienced so it’s important to involve everyone and prove to them their value. Here are a few ways to engage your employees:

  • Ask questions about potential hazards on the current work site
  • Ask employees to share experiences they’ve had, or have witnessed that illustrate how easily and quickly hazards occur
  • Share a recent news story related to a workplace accident and use it to open the subject

Keep the Implementation Ongoing

The companies who truly understand the importance of safety on the job are aware that employees need to be continually trained on the safety processes and procedures. Throughout the year, you should continue to build awareness of workplace safety. Periodic safety meetings about relevant potential hazards, as well as regular training is vital. Keeping these regularly scheduled safety meetings short, yet engaging is recommended.

Workplace Safety Benefits Everyone

When a company creates a thorough safety program for their employees and takes the time to regularly implement it, there’s a greater chance that everyone stays safe. Employees who are confident in the safety procedures are able to better work, meeting productivity goals.

A company who has a well-implemented and integrated safety program that truly serves the needs of their employees also develops a healthy reputation. Not only is this just good for business, but it can also help attract top talent. 

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