3 Benefits of Having Hobbies Outside of Work

People engage in hobbies for all sorts of reasons, such as intrinsic enjoyment and getting together for a social event with like-minded people. But whether your hobby is playing guitar or knitting scarves, hobbies have benefits for your life in general, outside of work. 


Hobbies Benefit Your Mental Health

Work and life, in general, can cause stress. The result? Anxiety, depression, burnout, and other adverse effects that can drain your mental health. These can also make your life enjoyable and lower your work productivity. 

But it’s a fact: hobbies can lower stress. Focus on a hobby creates a stress-free place in their lives for most people. Having a stress-free place energizes us so that we can deal with normal levels of stress on a day-to-day basis. 


Hobbies Make You Happier

Most people start their hobbies because the activities make them happier. Whether your passion is baseball in a league near you or rescue animals, time spent living the passion makes you happy. As an immediate result, your life becomes happier overall.  

As a result of the increased happiness in your life, you can deal with setbacks much more quickly. 


Hobbies Can Improve Your Physical Health 

Hobbies can even make your physical health better – and they don’t have to involve physical activity (like sports) to do so. Studies have indicated that hobbies lead to lower blood pressure and less body mass – in other words, lower weight, all things being equal. 

It could be that these health measures are also correlated to less stress and more happiness – and that these all work together when you pursue something enjoyable to you outside of work. 


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