How Staffing Agencies Can Support DEI Initiatives

How Staffing Agencies Can Support DEI Initiatives - Expert Staffing

In recent years, companies are becoming much more aware of how they operate regarding diversity and inclusion. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have come to the forefront of priorities for many companies. 

While this is good news for everyone to excel at DEI initiatives, it means more than just representation in the workforce. It’s about the opportunity, meaningful connections, and paths for growth. Because a successful DEI program requires a lot of work, hiring managers and human resource employees feel stretched too thin. Something usually takes a hit, from regular paperwork and responsibilities to implementing or refreshing DEI programs. This is where a partnership with a staffing agency can make a lot of sense.

3 Ways Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives are Best with a Staffing Agency

It’s About the Long Haul

Unlike updating onboarding material or rebranding company hiring materials, implementing a DEI program isn’t a large project with an end date. It is a strategic personnel initiative that is ongoing. 

When a company has an ongoing, trusted relationship with a staffing agency, this will naturally fit within the scope of service a company can expect. 

While the staffing agency continues to find the best candidate for the position by pulling from an all-encompassing pool of job seekers, managers can focus on helping new and current employees excel and find growth opportunities.

Staffing Agencies Continue to Diversify

Staffing agencies already have a diverse pool of candidates, and it’s always growing thanks to them increasing their partnerships, especially non-profit employment agencies. Since this is a part of their main responsibilities, it’s easier for them to keep it growing. 

Non-Traditional Candidate Assessments to Find the Right Talent

While hiring managers don’t have the time or resources to offer non-traditional assessments for candidates, staffing agencies can. Looking beyond the resume, a staffing agency can help collect assessments that consider the whole person instead of what’s only on paper. Here are a few examples:

  • Short video introductions
  • Personality assessments
  • Career assessments

These non-traditional assessments help them find the best match for a company’s open position. 

Start a Partnership to Help You Reach Your Hiring Goals

For a high-level partnership that helps you achieve your hiring needs, contact Expert Staffing.

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