Managing Worker Shortage in the Light Industrial Field

Managing Worker Shortage in the Light Industrial Field - Expert Staffing

Since the roller coaster of the pandemic, the light industrial field has regained some of its momentum. While some companies had to close down or decrease operations, others were affected by “The Great Resignation.” Thankfully, most companies have been able to bounce back, not to pre-pandemic levels. 

Understanding the Worker Shortage in Light Industrial Roles

Why is There a Worker Shortage?

There are various reasons why the manufacturing industry is experiencing a worker shortage. Here is a list of reasons that experts are pointing to:

  • Lack of organizational culture
  • Inadequate focus on health, wellness, and workplace safety
  • Coachable workers
  • Skilled workers

While this list is layered and complex, companies that begin to tackle these issues will find tremendous long-term success. Companies that ignore these big-picture issues may find the coming years even more challenging than the last few.

How to Focus on What You Can Control

As you’ll notice, the list has two factors employers can more readily control. 

Create a Cohesive Culture

Workers of all ages, especially the younger generation, value belonging. Consider what makes your company unique. What are your values and your mission? Be sure to vocalize this to keep the company centered and make your workers feel like they belong.

Prioritize Worker Safety & Well Being 

Worker safety needs to be a top priority in the light industrial field. Adequate training, signage, and follow-through are of the highest importance. Workers will only believe that safety is vital when they see a culture that makes it a guiding point, and that must be apparent on day one for a new employee. A large number of workplace accidents occur with new employees. 

In addition to operational safety measures, employers must look out for their employees’ mental and emotional health. Keeping in touch with your workers to watch for signs of burnout and undo stress can help avoid accidents or dissatisfaction.

Attract the Best Workers for Your Company

Two other factors for the worker shortage in the light industrial field seem like they might be out of control. How you search for and recruit your talent can help put you back in control to find the right workers. 

Find Coachable Workers

Hiring managers are often focused on certifications, skills, and employment history; however, it’s also essential to consider workers’ soft skills and personality traits. A coachable employee who does not have a particular trainable skill is more valuable than a worker who resists change. The technological advancements in the light industrial field require an agile workforce that is coachable.

Demand the Skills You Need

When hiring, be sure to list the technical skills each position requires. This gives applicants a clear idea of what skills they need to get to the next step in the process. While you may be able to coach certain employees, if there is a skill that your workers must have on their first day of work, be sure to include it in the job description to attract the right workers. 

Find the Right Workers to Help Meet Your Goals

For guidance and real help in finding the right workers for your needs and goals, contact Expert Staffing.

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