No Takers? Exploring the Factors that Affect Job Applicants

No Takers? Exploring the Factors that Affect Job Applicants - Expert Staffing

If you have open positions but you haven’t been getting any applicants, it can be extremely frustrating. Even a low number of applicants can pose a problem since the more interest in the job you see, the greater chance you have of finding the best candidate for the position. 

Instead of blaming the job seekers, it’s mostly likely a fixable problem – which is a good thing! Being able to reflect on your hiring strategy and job post will most likely illuminate solutions that will help you attract not only more applicants but better applicants. 

The Right Hire is Important

As a hiring manager, you know that the more qualified applicants you get, the better chance you have at finding the right candidate who can be successful in the posted position. If the job post is subpar, you will run the risk of making a poor hiring choice, which can end up costing your company extra time and money. 

A wrong hire can negatively impact:

  • Team productivity
  • Training efficiency
  • Employee satisfaction and morale
  • Employee retention
  • Hiring costs

There can be several reasons why your job post isn’t attracting applicants. Consider these factors that can drive applicants away. 

A Confusing or Unattractive Job Description

The job description is quite significant in attracting applicants. It’s crucial to write one that is specific, uses important keywords for the role, and is written in a lively manner to attract candidates. If it comes across as dull, chances are people will think it will also be a dull place to work. Be sure to read it as if you are the applicant. Do you get a good idea about what your role will be and how you can add value? Does it seem like you would enjoy working for the company? Consider these questions when writing the job description.

Your Company Doesn’t Stand Out

Your company may compete for products and services, but it also competes for qualified workers. If you want to attract top talent, you need to stand out. Be sure your job posting includes information that sets your company apart from others in your local industry. Don’t use language and buzzwords that everyone does; show your own creativity and culture instead.

If you’re trying to recruit using social media, you also will need to consider how your social strategy helps your company stand out as a great place to work as well. This takes a great deal of strategy and effort but is well worth it if it can help attract top talent in your industry

You’re Not Paying Attention to Your Analytics

Since you recruit talent from several different sources, you need to pay attention to which sites are actually providing quality applicants. Understanding these analytics can help you save time and money during the recruiting and hiring processes.

Get the Right Candidates to Apply

If you need help finding the best candidates for your company, contact Expert Staffing. You might even want to consider adding a staffing agency to your hiring strategy for any job opening you may have.

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