How to Make Temporary Employees Feel at Home

Despite their crucial role in most American businesses, temporary employees are often treated like disposable cogs. To be fair, it can be hard to develop a personal relationship with employees who will only be around for a short time. Even so, their professional value shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want to boost productivity and get… Read More »

6 Tips for Decreasing Employee Turnover Rates

The cost of replacing a trained employee quickly adds up. In fact, experts estimate that – even when hiring low-level employees – you can expect to spend thousands of dollars for every new hire. For management positions, you can expect the cost to be much higher. The lesson is simple: your number one staffing priority… Read More »

Best-Stress Management Tips for Nurses

Nurses use a lot words to describe their profession, but there’s one you’ll never hear: Easy. There’s no denying the load placed on nurses and other healthcare professionals is intensely stressful. Even when you’ve worked in the field for years, sometimes it can get to be too much. Here are some great stress management tips… Read More »

3 Types of Questions to Expect when Interviewing for a Manufacturing Position

Since the needs of each job opening are unique, it always pays to be ready for some surprising interview questions. There are, however, a few standard categories of questions that are guaranteed to be covered in any interview. Here are some of the top questions to expect when interviewing for a job in manufacturing (and… Read More »

Are You Dealing with Disrespectful Employees Properly?

Few things are more damaging to morale than a disrespectful employee. Though it’s important to listen to your employees’ opinions and concerns – and even yield to their advice – the long-term effects of having your authority undermined can be devastating. Since the consequences of overreacting, however, can be equally damaging, a balanced reaction to… Read More »

3 Tips on How to Turn Your Temporary Position into a Permanent One

Most people are initially drawn to temporary and contract work because they value their flexibility or because they have some short-term financial needs. What happens, however, when your needs change or you find a job you truly enjoy? Just because you took a temporary position doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to moving on. In… Read More »

Are You Asking the Right Questions When Interviewing an LPN?

Filling that crucial space between RNs and nurse’s aides, licensed practical nurses form a vital part of every facility’s nursing staff. The skills that LPNs bring to the table provide a cost-effective, yet highly professional way to improve patient care – and your facility’s reputation along with it. To help you make the right choice… Read More »

5 Tips to Build Trust Among Your Warehouse Team

Every part of your business depends on the warehouse. No matter how quick your production is or how effective your sales team may be, a failure on the warehouse end will slow delivery, alienate your clients and destroy your reputation. Like a clogged artery, an inefficient warehouse can wreck your business. Inefficient warehouses are usually… Read More »

4 Tips to Share With Your Warehouse Staff to Prevent Back Injuries on the Job

How many times have you heard something praised as the “backbone” of society, business or some other subject? After all, it’s only fair that such an important part of our bodies should get some proverbial recognition. Meanwhile, our literal backs don’t get nearly the credit – or the care – they deserve. Severe back injuries… Read More »

Is Your Employee Handbook Effective Enough?

When done correctly, an employee handbook can be a valuable tool. Having a clear, unambiguous reference of your company’s policies will save you save you hours of training. A complete employee handbook and policy manual can even help resolve disputes. Even more importantly, having clearly stated policies (and sticking to them) can protect your business… Read More »